“How fortunate we are to live in a house that is not only beautiful, well designed, comfortable and secure, but even more importantly, makes us feel so good living here. It has been such a remarkable experience for our daughter, Sachi to grow up in such a stimulating and rich environment. This house has certainly brought us much happiness. Thank you for your fabulous design and kind nature. We love it and expect to live in it the rest of our lives." - Amy Uyemura

“Charles Bernstein’s ability to design spaces with a spiritual alignment goes deeper than mere professionalism and design talent, which in his case is noteworthy, and draws upon his deep lifelong commitment to his own personal growth and devotion to the Divine. He has over the years, demonstrated a unique ability to translate spiritual enrichment into and through architecture. At the University of Santa Monica, he and his staff were tasked to create spaces that support our major mission of soul centered education, while providing a sense of comfort and trust. In a very tangible but magical way, this building helps to lift our students and ourselves into the Intangible.” - Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick, President and Academic Vice President, University of Santa Monica

“Our outdoor patio is a place of beauty, evoking a palpable sense of serenity within the bustle of our busy and noisy city. It is designed around a unique bronze sculpture fountain which Bernstein Architects have so beautifully incorporated into the design of the patio itself.” - Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick, President and Academic Vice President, University of Santa Monica

“My dental office feels comforting, and is a pleasure to work in for my staff and me. My patients often tell me how much they love being here. We enjoy the feeling of spaciousness, the use of natural and unusual materials and how natural day light comes into the office. The cork flooring and the bamboo counters give added warmth and express our support for sustainable materials. The reception area is such a wonderful place to enter into and be in. We are so grateful to be able to work here everyday.” - Ana Brightleaf DMD

“I learned much working with Charles and his staff, particularly the ability to hold to an unwavering vision of the completed result throughout the many detours that can pull a project off course. Their attitude was flexible and practical, always responded promptly and intelligently to the issues and demands of the construction process. The firm’s method of working is impressive in that they consistently held a comprehensive view of the entire process, thoughtfully weighing cost, time, design esthetics, and relevant practical and functional concerns in the decision making process.” - Paul Davidson, Director and Property Manager for the Peace Theological Seminary

“As you know I am a great fan of your work. I interfered very little in the design, because I trust you and your staff, and wanted you to be able to see your vision fully realized. That trust is intact. You should be justifiably proud of your work and very grateful that you have once again manifested God's gift to you. The dining room is mind-blowing, literally. It really is gorgeous. Congratulations.” - Paul Kaye, Vice President, Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy