"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I hold the view that our human consciousness has the ability to perceive the transparency between absolute, permanent relationships, and the transitory, changing forms of our actual world. My focus as architect is on the expression and interplay of the Universal within the ever changing array of forms that make up life. In other words, like the wisdom traditions, I seek to express both Unity and Multiplicity.

Differentiation is the means through which the Universal Spirit expresses Itself. My work then celebrates differentiation, but always within the context of the complex Whole. In this way, harmony is achieved. At every level of design, I work to balance the primal forces of expansion and contraction. Why am I concerned with this? I suggest it is born out of the age-old desire to connect to the universe, and in so doing, to find a place within it.


We begin the design process with the objective of 'creating a place'. That is, to create buildings that evoke a sense of being somewhere as opposed to being merely anywhere. We do this by appropriately connecting the project to its location. Contextual solutions, which take into account site, sustainability, materials, climate, and local history, are our priorities in achieving connection. Out of this context, and the client's particular needs and desires, each project develops its own identity and character.

Our design vocabulary may not be immediately identifiable. Yet there is a consistency in all of our work. It has less to do with image and more to do with the multi-sensory experience that architecture can evoke. This approach belongs to a tradition which looks to the specifics of the project as the generator of architectural form, as opposed to applying a singular vocabulary to all projects regardless of building type, context, or geographic location.

We strive to enhance and balance both the dynamic and serene qualities inherent in physical form. This results in buildings that are nurturing, enriching, and accessible. These qualities naturally invite involvement and participation while supporting human dignity. Such buildings are harmonious with the users and the environment, yet have personality and individuality that derive from the search to elicit the uniqueness that lives within every project seeking realization.


We believe that unlike the solitary pursuits of painting or poetry, architecture is, by its very nature, a collaborative process. We encourage and welcome input from the client, consultants, and other stakeholders. For us, listening is essential to good communication and success in any endeavor. Together, we formulate a common vision, and come to understand the deeper intentions of the project. This inclusive approach yields a broader, richer, more satisfying result.