MILLER TOWNHOUSE   The careful layering of detail, material, texture, and light define this dynamic but calm, sensual minimalist aesthetic.  In the double height, entry hall of this beach-front townhouse, cantilevered stair treads, and a frameless glass guardrail creating an almost weightless ascent to the upper level. Translucent design elements diffuse or let in light in differing ways. This varies with the time of day, the seasons, or when artificially lit. For example, the channel glass wall distributes diffused daylight from the entry hall skylight into the master bedroom. At night, light penetrating from the Master Bedroom turns it into a dramatic, even glowing light source for the entry hall.  “Carved” dropped ceilings open to skylights, shape the living spaces of the open plan. A two foot thick, Venetian plastered wall separates the Dining and Living Room areas from the Kitchen and Den, while allowing for visually open flow between all four areas. Anchoring the Den and Living Room, the wall becomes a highly articulated sculptural element, integrating both a fireplace and a flat panel TV on opposite sides.  In the Master Bedroom, painted walls are carved and notched to accommodate a flat panel TV, a sliding wood door, and display niche. A simple cherry bathroom vanity contrasts with limestone slab or mosaic walls and floors. All doors are stained to precisely match the cherry wood flooring which flows throughout the entire townhouse, warming and unifying both levels.  Santa Monica, CA
  DAVID ALLEN COMPANY   This world class productivity consulting company approached us to design their interior space within a new office park. The chairman is fond of both traditional and modern Japanese design and collects bonsai. The design is intended to reflect as well as support the company's work style and principles which are open, dynamic, transparent and encourages conscious risk-taking, and intuitive truth.  Offices are small, almost cubby-sized; but glass walls and ceilings borrow space from an expansive barrel-vaulted ceiling. Daylight filters through the rice paper-like acrylic cladding, enlivening the entire interior. At night, artificial lighting illuminates the entire vault. The vault is also the ceiling of the conference room. Defined by glass walls this room is the visual focus for the offices and yet almost disappears. The washi-paper screen handmade in Kyoto was specifically commissioned for the Conference Room. It is backlit and hides the presentation white board and video screen. A custom designed LED fixture hovers over the conference table. In the circulation area, water slowly spills over the edge of a sandblasted stainless steel tank and drops into the concrete floor. Its muted sound brings serenity to the Zen-like minimalist atmosphere. Colored glass sliding doors counterpoint the neutral tones of the office space.  Ojai, CA
  PEACE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY DINING HALL   An addition to the beautiful Guasti Villa (City of LA Historic Monument, restored by this Architect in 1997), the dining room of the Peace Theological Seminary has been extensively expanded and remodeled. The Seminary teaches practical spirituality. Sylistically the design evokes the balance and serenity of Zen. Imbued in Zen is an appreciation of rustic simplicity. The form and shape of the common table and the wood slatted ceiling is Japanese. The modern light fixture is a re-interpretation of the paper lantern. A variety of woods (walnut, teak, alder and hemlock) of differing color and texture balance the hand-rubbed metal walls. Stainless steel and marble elements (coffee bar and buffet server) float within a field of warm woods. Modern and rustic coexist as one. Layers of complexity come together in a simple way.  Los Angeles CA
  ECONOMIC ANALYSIS CORPORATION   Opposing and contrasting forms, materials and color are held in harmonious balance in such a way as to create an overall experience of resolution, balance and repose contained within an envelope of serenity. Separate but related elements present themselves to the visitor upon entering this office suite. A translucent glass wall, fabricated of steel and sandblasted glass, forms a strong visual backdrop dividing the reception area from the main conference room while allowing natural light to penetrate into the interior. A folded steel screen and black plaster wall frame the maple reception desk. A sloping limestone-colored plaster wall separates the service functions from the light filled hallways and directly reflects the triangular plan of the building. The wall's thickness and solidity contrast with the lightweight taut glass planes, doors and gypsum board partitions. The entire space is enlivened as the changing daylight permeates and enfolds this workplace.  Century City, CA
  Brightleaf Holistic and Cosmetic Dentistry   Natural materials and architectural form are used to transcend the clinical sterility of the typical dental office and communicate the principals of holistic treatment. Borrowed natural light and an open plan increase the sense of space within this compact office suite. Patients are greeted by a composition of curved and angular planes unified with a single vibrant color which forms an entry canopy and front desk. This sculpturally dynamic, evocative form contrasts to the rational highly efficiently organized treatment area.  Acrylic panels form both partition and luminous ceiling within the open space providing privacy while maintaining a spatial connection to the larger volume. Their translucency allows daylight into all areas of the open plan. Holistic treatment uses natural, non-toxic remedies to re-harmonious all systems of the body. This is metaphorically symbolized in architectural form through the balancing of masculine and feminine geometries, emotional and rational forms, opaque and translucent materials, as well as compressive and expansive spaces. The use of sustainable materials (Low VOC paint, high efficiency lighting, bamboo cabinetry and cork floors) extend the intention to heal both patients and planet.  Santa Monica, CA   Contract Magazine Interiors Design Award, Small Healthcare Category    AIA California Council, Merit Award for Interior Architecture        Center for Health Design, Honorable Mention, Healthcare Environment Awards